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Log Emails to NetSuite Directly from Your Outlook Inbox

Set up is fast and easy! Implementation takes an hour or less.

Log Emails to Entity and Transaction Records

Have a record of every important communication coming in and out of your company — stored directly in NetSuite so your team can have greater insight into the relationship at a glance.

Create New NetSuite Records Directly from Outlook

Save time and increase productivity by creating new contact, customer, or lead records directly from Outlook.

Automated, Thread-Based Logging

Toggle the auto-log email switch and ensure that replies on important email threads are synced without manual function.

Monitor Activity through Key Performance Indicators

Our interactive dashboard gives you greater insight into the number of emails synced, who is syncing them and when, and more intelligence into new records created.

Increased Efficiency as Business Grows

Grapeworks Success Story

Our team can continue using their preferred email client (Outlook) for communication without impacting the available information for the rest of the team.

With more information now available in NetSuite, any team member stepping in to assist with a customer query, sale or support case, can do so easily without delays. This has obvious time and productivity savings but more importantly allows for a much better customer experience.

Save Time

Grapeworks now operates with higher efficiency in every business function thanks to greater data access and flow.

Improved customer experience

SuperSync improved personalization to better the customer experience at GrapeWorks, from the moment their customers’ orders are placed to well after the delivery of their purchase.

Easy Setup for a Custom Integration

RemoteLock Success Story

If you are a business looking to make specific integrations for NetSuite and other systems, look no further than SuperSync - the crew is fantastic to work with and made the process painless.

We tried several other companies before landing with SuperSync, most of which fell flat before even starting the integration. I would strongly suggest SuperSync for any company in need of custom integration work.”

Delivering solutions

Where others failed to provide solutions, the SuperSync team listened and delivered a customized solution to fit the requirements of RemoteLock’s unique needs.

Built to grow

With a single dashboard to create and manage integrations, SuperSync gave RemoteLock the flexibility to add new systems and swap out old ones with ease, as well as the freedom to adopt new channels and territories as they grow.

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