SuperSync Shipping

The On-Platform NetSuite Shipping Solution for FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS

Easily compare shipping rates, manage fulfillment and track key metrics—directly in NetSuite.

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SuperSync Shipping Helps Streamline Your Workflow

Up your shipping game by integrating with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and other major carriers - fully automated within NetSuite.

Automatically retrieve shipping rates

Supports direct entry from postage scales

Prints directly to on-site label printers

Cheaper than most competitive platforms but built for higher volumes, SuperSync Shipping cuts costs, automates rates, generates tracking numbers, and eliminates common pain points in order and fulfillment — all without leaving NetSuite.

How it Works

Supported Carriers


Why SuperSync Shipping?

  • Rapid Implementation
  • Lower average cost than similar tools
  • Operates directly within NetSuite
  • No additional logins required
  • Optimized for high-volume operations
  • Set up by trained NetSuite experts
  • Syncs orders automatically
  • Supports weight capture
  • Supports barcode scanning
Save Time & Money

The SuperSync Shipping Difference

Runs off-platform so requires a sync tool to bring orders back and forth between NetSuite and the tool
Lives fully on-platform so orders automatically sync within NetSuite with no additional tools needed
Separate Login
Requires an exterior ShipStation account and login to access your shipping information
Use Your NetSuite Account
Access directly from NetSuite without the need for a separate login to see your shipping information
Manual Metrics Linking
Since it is off-platform, metrics have to be manually linked back to NetSuite or rely on a costly secondary integration
Automated Metrics
Shipping costs, tracking numbers and other key metrics reflect in NetSuite the moment the label is printed
More Expensive
Less initial costs, but connectors mount several thousand dollars on top of the total annual cost
Cheaper on Average
Most customers save by switching to SuperSync Shipping since its all-in-one solution doesn’t require additional connectors

We are NetSuite Experts

We specialize in building integrations exclusively for NetSuite. The result is our unrivaled NetSuite knowledge and ability to handle any connection. So whether you need out-of-the-box functionality or a more tailored solution, our NetSuite experts can advise and integrate your key systems.

A Shipping Solution that is Built for NetSuite

Approve transactions or custom records right from your email inbox. Access everything you need from your desktop or mobile device.
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