MailSync: Automatically Sync Emails Between Outlook and NetSuite

Keeping data automatically synced between NetSuite and other programs has never been easier. Now, there's a way to automatically sync Outlook emails to NetSuite – with zero effort required from NetSuite users!

How? The team at SCS Cloud built a NetSuite integration called MailSync by SuperSync that does just that.

What is MailSync?

MailSync is a NetSuite integration that automatically syncs emails from Outlook to NetSuite's entity records. This integration makes everything 100% automatic, so users don't have to manually sync emails by pressing a button in Outlook.

MailSync is part of NetSuite's SuperSync Email NetSuite integration offering, which was created to provide a seamless experience between Outlook emails and NetSuite's CRM.

How is MailSync Installed?

The SuperSync team at SCS Cloud will install the MailSync integration for you. To properly implement it, we'll need a list of user email addresses.

If you have any event sync filtering criteria, such as only syncing emails from certain contacts, let us know so we can get that set up during the implementation phase.

After MailSync is fully set up, we will complete User Acceptance Testing and make any adjustments needed.

MailSync Pricing

  • Up to 25 users: $2,500/year
  • 26-50 users: $3,500/year
  • More than 50 users: $5,000/year

Ready to Integrate Outlook with NetSuite?

Don't waste any more time manually moving emails from Outlook to NetSuite. Contact us today to learn more about our MailSync integration!

MailSync FAQs

Can I Limit Which Emails are Synced?

Yes! If you only want some of your email synced from Outlook to NetSuite, we can set up criteria for this during the implementation phase. This includes subject-based filtering or contact-based filtering.

What Happens if a Matching Entity Record isn't Found in NetSuite?

If a matching entity record isn't found in NetSuite to sync the email to, we can customize what happens next based on your preferences.

We usually do one of three things:

  • Fail the sync
  • Log unmatched emails to an exception record in NetSuite
  • Auto-create a new contact record for the email address received

Just let us know what works best for you and we will set everything up!

How is MailSync Different from Other NetSuite Outlook Integrations?

Not all NetSuite Outlook integrations are created equal, and most of them don't include an auto-sync option. Plus, the team at SCS Cloud is here to offer their full support and customize the integration to fit your needs, even after implementation.

What Does MailSync by SuperSync Email for Outlook Include?

Our MailSync integration includes automatic email syncing between Outlook and NetSuite. If you're looking for additional functionalities, such as the ability to create records through Outlook or view NetSuite records from Outlook, our SuperSync Email integration might be exactly what you're looking for!

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023