BigCommerce NetSuite Integration Guide

From small businesses to enterprise-level companies, BigCommerce supports retailers of all sizes. 

Managing and scaling an eCommerce business requires resources dedicated to product inventory, fulfillment, and more. If you want to save time, build efficiencies, and optimize your profit margins, integrating BigCommerce and NetSuite could be the perfect solution. 

Managing an eCommerce store is challenging enough. Why not let a highly-established cloud software like NetSuite automate the tedious processes you spend hours on every week? 

Integrating NetSuite's workflows and business intelligence with the order management and sales data from BigCommerce will give you unprecedented visibility into every aspect of your eComm business. 

Learn more about how you can integrate BigCommerce and NetSuite here. 

Does BigCommerce Integrate with NetSuite?

Yes, it's possible to integrate BigCommerce with NetSuite, but you'll need to find the best solution for your business. 

You can use a connector, which simply connects the data between BigCommerce and Netsuite. Or, you can work with a third-party solution provider to implement a customizable integration.

It's also helpful to keep in mind that there are many other eCommerce integrations for NetSuite. If you also list products on sites including Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, that data can be integrated with NetSuite, creating a centralized source of business information. 

Check out our guide on NetSuite eCommerce integrations for everything you need to know! 

How to Integrate BigCommerce and NetSuite 

  • Use NetSuite's Connector - BigCommerce offers a prebuilt NetSuite connector, which could be an easy option as you can do everything through BigCommerce. However, say your company needs any customizations, unique workflows, or advanced setup and training. In that case, you'll likely need to work with a third-party provider who can set up an integration for you rather than a connector. 
  • Work with a third-party NetSuite Solution Provider - Third-party NetSuite Solution Providers are probably your best bet if you want to integrate BigCommerce with NetSuite. They build customizable integrations via an iPaaS (or integration Platform as a Service), giving you complete control over the data that passes between BigCommerce and NetSuite. 

SuperSync's BigCommerce NetSuite Integration 

SuperSync produces powerful NetSuite integrations without the complexity. We want to provide a one-stop shop to integrate your eCommerce stores with NetSuite, so we created a BigCommerce NetSuite integration.   

This integration allows you to sync virtually anything between BigCommerce and NetSuite: orders, customer data, fulfillment, billing, cancellations, payouts, and more! 

Benefits of SuperSync's BigCommerce NetSuite Integration: 

  • Extensive prebuilt workflows - We mapped and created comprehensive workflows for orders, fulfillments, inventory, and returns. These are available from day one, so you don't have to wait for custom development. 
  • Fully customizable - If you need customizations, our team of NetSuite-certified developers can build them into your integration setup. 
  • Easy to Use - You won't have to deal with anything too technical. Our integrations are simple to use — you can see all of the analytics and status of the integration in one dashboard. 

Do You Want to Scale Your BigCommerce Store? 

Our NetSuite integration can help you scale your BigCommerce store quickly and efficiently. Our NetSuite-certified team handles everything from implementation to customizations and ongoing training. 

Contact us today for a free demo of our BigCommerce integration! 

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023