Salesforce NetSuite Integration: Here's How it Works

Does your company use both NetSuite and Salesforce? You're going to want to hear this.  

While both programs are powerful on their own, combining their data can be a huge asset to your business. 

Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce can help you improve ROI, enhance productivity, and automate complex workflows.  

We've spent years building integrations that help our clients maximize the abilities of NetSuite and improve their bottom line. We're breaking down one of our most popular: our Salesforce NetSuite integration

Learn more about what it means to integrate NetSuite with Salesforce and how you could benefit from it. 

Does Salesforce Integrate with NetSuite? 

Yes! Salesforce integrates with NetSuite. However, you can't integrate Salesforce and NetSuite on your own — you have to find the right integration partner to connect the two.  

This type of integration is an important step towards an efficient workflow and increased efficiency. With data from both NetSuite and Salesforce working together, you'll gain stronger insights into company-wide production, revenue, and efficiency. 

NetSuite/Salesforce Integration Options

There are many different options for integrating NetSuite and Salesforce. The main ones are: 

  • Going directly through Salesforce. Salesforce offers its own integration for NetSuite called Breadwinner. This is a two-way integration solution that focuses on Salesforce being the main source of truth for company data. 
  • Choosing a third-party integration partner. Instead of partnering directly with Salesforce, you can go with a third-party NetSuite integration partner. Clients tend to prefer this method because they receive personalized support, competitive pricing, and quick updates. With this method, you'll be using an integration hand-coded by third-party providers. 

The best option for you and your company is really going to be about what your goals are. However, we will say, third-party providers have created some powerful integration tools that they keep updated, and will fully customize for you as needed.  

Here at SuperSync, we're dedicated to creating powerful NetSuite integrations with the typical complexity. We make it work for you, and everything is set up as quickly and easily as possible. 

What is SuperSync's NetSuite/Salesforce Integration?

The SuperSync NetSuite/Salesforce integration is a tool that allows for a bi-directional flow of data between NetSuite and Salesforce.   

When we first set it up, you'll select all of the data flows you need and see exactly how it will integrate between Salesforce and NetSuite. 

It syncs data for: 

  • Opportunities 
  • Products 
  • Quotes 
  • Invoices 
  • Payments 
  • Credit memos
  • And more! 
SuperSync Salesforce Flows

What is SuperSync?

We've been helping clients grow their businesses with NetSuite for years. Now, we've built a suite of NetSuite integrations to help you take NetSuite to the next level.   

NetSuite was built to serve as a single source of truth for data companywide, whether it was customer contact information, HR data, or financials. But, what if you use other software or online platforms in addition to NetSuite? 
We want to make sure the data from any other platform you use is fully integrated within NetSuite. 

A lot of companies use both Salesforce and NetSuite. As the world's #1 CRM tool, Salesforce is possibly the best CRM out there. However, if you use Salesforce and NetSuite, the data won't automatically sync together — that's where our integration comes in. 

SuperSync NetSuite/Salesforce Integration Benefits: 

  • Automate sales workflows - Our NetSuite/Salesforce integration streamlines and automates sales and CRM processes. 
  • Installed by experts -  We have an in-house team of NetSuite-certified experts dedicated to getting your integration up and running as quickly as possible. 
  • Customizable (but only if you need it!) - Our NetSuite/Salesforce integration was built to be fully functional without customizations. However, we can customize it to meet any needs you have beyond our pre-built workflows. 
  • Enhanced productivity - Data silos are always bad for business. Integrating the sales data from Salesforce with financial planning data from NetSuite can help your teams achieve incredible efficiencies. Your employees spend less time doing manual labor/searching for data that could be right at their fingertips! 
  • Stronger visibility - Seeing data from both platforms in one place empowers managers to make better, faster decisions. Forget about managing spreadsheets and worrying about errors from manual data entry. SuperSync handles all of that and more so you can focus on making business decisions. 

Is NetSuite the Same as Salesforce? 

NetSuite and Salesforce have a lot of the same functionalities, but they are vastly different software.  

Salesforce is a leading CRM software, and that's where it really shines. NetSuite, on the other hand, is primarily an ERP. However, it contains additional functionalities including CRM, eCommerce, and PSA. 

Ready to Improve Efficiency, Profits, and Productivity? 

Let us show you what SuperSync's NetSuite/Salesforce integration can really do. Contact us to schedule a demo today!

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023