Punchout for NetSuite

You're probably already aware of how hard NetSuite works to streamline every facet of business operations. But did you know it can also streamline the frustrating and tedious process of creating purchase orders? Meet Punchout for NetSuite, an integration that makes eCommerce shopping through major suppliers and purchase order generation a seamless experience. It's a bit of a game-changer for B2B eCommerce vendors! 

Punchout for NetSuite uses a Punchout catalog that directly integrates NetSuite with most major retailers so you don't have to worry about creating purchase orders anymore. Here's how it works and how it could benefit your business. 

What is a Punchout Catalog? 

If you aren't familiar with how the Punchout Catalog works, it's pretty impressive. Punchout catalogs integrate a buyer's online application with an eCommerce website to automate the process of creating purchase orders. 

Instead of checking out through the regular shopping cart on a website, once you've added all the desired items to your cart, you're taken back to your ERP tool so you can create a purchase order through your own system. This helps avoid common mistakes when manually adding purchase orders, such as adding the wrong quantity, item number, or price. 

It's called a Punchout because you're essentially "punching out" of the eCommerce site back to the ERP tool with a purchase order automatically generated for you based on what you added to your cart on the vendor's website. 

What is Punchout for NetSuite? 

Punchout for NetSuite integrates eCommerce shopping with Netsuite, creating a Punchout catalog functionality. This integration allows you to build an order directly on the vendor's website, such as Amazon or Lowe's, then takes you back to NetSuite to automatically generate a purchase order and send it to the vendor. 

Here's how Punchout for NetSuite works: 

  • Select vendor within NetSuite - Login to NetSuite and select the Punchout vendor you're looking to purchase from. 
  • Shop online as usual - You'll be taken to the supplier's website, where you can browse items, add them to the cart, and build your order as you normally would shopping online. You'll remain logged in through NetSuite. 
  • Get "punched out" to NetSuite - Once you're done shopping, you won't check out with the website's shopping cart. Instead, you'll be "punched out" and taken back to NetSuite to fulfill the order. 
  • Purchase order is created in NetSuite - The purchase order will be completed within NetSuite, showing all applicable quantities, prices, and item numbers. Now that you're back in NetSuite, you can create the purchase order and send it to the vendor.
Punchout portlet in NetSuite

Benefits of Using Punchout for NetSuite 

Using Punchout for NetSuite has many benefits for both the supplier and the buyer. Here are our favorite ones! 

Keep Procurement Within NetSuite 

Instead of having buyers visit a separate website, purchase items there, then separately put it into NetSuite, this entire process is automated. You won't have to worry about making sure everything is consistent between vendor orders and NetSuite's purchase orders. Procurement stays linked with NetSuite and the vendor's website through the entire shopping process. 

Eliminate Purchase Order Errors

When you have to manually input purchase order data to NetSuite, it's easy to make mistakes. With Punchout for NetSuite, you don't have to worry about any errors with incorrect part numbers, item quantity, or pricing. 

Faster Purchase Order Creation 

No more waiting on employees to create purchase orders, as they're automatically created when a buyer uses Punchout for NetSuite! They're available almost immediately in NetSuite. 

Fast Installation with NetSuite 

If the supplier's site is already supported within Punchout for NetSuite, the setup is quick and easy. If the supplier's site isn't one that's already supported, the SCS Cloud NetSuite developers can build you a custom integration.  

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Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023