ShipHero and NetSuite Integration

A Powerful Way to Streamline Your eCommerce Operations

Are you looking to optimize your eCommerce fulfillment process and streamline your operations? If you’re using NetSuite as your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and ShipHero for your third-party logistics (3PL), you’re in luck! Integrating the platforms can be a game-changer for your business. 

Our NetSuite specialists explain the powerful benefits of integrating ShipHero with NetSuite and how this integration can help you achieve seamless order management, inventory control, and fulfillment automation. Here’s how this powerful integration can take your eCommerce operations to the next level. 

Does ShipHero Integrate with NetSuite?

It does! Integrating ShipHero with NetSuite allows you to sync orders, inventory, and fulfillment data between the two platforms. This can help you automate tasks, improve accuracy, and get a better view of your business operations. 

How to Integrate ShipHero and NetSuite

  • A NetSuite Connector - A NetSuite connector is a way to map data points between NetSuite and 3PL systems like ShipHero. Connectors offer a quick and easy solution, though they don’t leave room for customizations. 
  • A NetSuite Integration - NetSuite solution providers, like SuperSync, use an IPaas, or Integration Platform as a Service, to create comprehensive flows for orders, fulfilments, returns, and inventory out-of-the-box. Integrations are usually the best option, as they empower your platform’s existing functionality with the customizations it needs to propel it to the next level. 

SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite Integration

From designing your custom NetSuite instance to completing your implementation, SuperSync’s team of NetSuite-certified developers can help get your business up and running in no time. While our flows come pre-built, if you want to personalize things, we can add that to your integration and teach you how to use it. We have decades of experience implementing NetSuite and offer 24/7 on-hand SuperSync support. 

How Does SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite Integration Work?

By connecting NetSuite and ShipStation, you can import and export data from ShipStation into NetSuite and vice versa, known as a bi-directional data flow. Here are a few examples: 

  • Sync sales orders
  • Import customer info from ShipHero into NetSuite
  • Track fulfillment and lot numbers 
  • Use NetSuite’s restock data to update inventory on ShipStation
  • And more! 

Benefits of Integrating ShipHero With NetSuite

SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite integration offers several benefits for eCommerce businesses, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  1. Seamless Order Management 

Managing eCommerce orders can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when you’re dealing with multiple sales channels. 

SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite integration lets you say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy seamless order management. Integrating the platforms allows you to automatically sync your eCommerce orders from ShipHero to NetSuite in real-time. This means as soon as a customer places an order on your online store, the details are automatically transferred to NetSuite — ensuring accurate and timely processing. 

  1. Inventory Control at Your Fingertips

Inventory management is a critical aspect of any eCommerce business. SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite integration provides real-time visibility into your inventory levels across multiple fulfillment centers. 

You can easily track and manage your inventory from within NetSuite and set up automatic inventory updates between platforms, so your data is always up-to-date and accurate. This can help you avoid overselling or stockouts, leading to better inventory control and improved customer satisfaction. 

  1. Fulfillment Automation for Efficiency 

The fulfillment process can be complex. SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite integration enables you to automate your fulfillment process, improving efficiency and reducing manual efforts. You can set up custom workflows and rules based on your specific business requirements. For example, you can create rules to automatically route orders to different fulfillment centers based on inventory availability or shipping speed requirements. 

You can also generate shipping labels and tracking numbers directly from NetSuite, eliminating the need for separate systems or manual data entry. This automation saves time and reduces errors, leading to faster and more accurate order fulfillment. 

  1. Customization and Scalability for Your Unique Needs

Every eCommerce business is unique, and SuperSync’s ShipHero NetSuite integration recognizes that. The integration is highly customizable, allowing you to configure the integration based on your unique business requirements. You can set up custom workflows, rules, and mappings to suit your specific needs. 

The integration is also scalable, accommodating businesses of all sizes, so you can grow your business without limitations. 

  1. Dedicated Support

SuperSync provides dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions related to your integration. We’re always available for guidance and assistance and will work with you every step of the way to help you integrate with NetSuite quickly. 

Ready to Get Started?

Streamline your fulfillment processes with ShipHero by integrating it with NetSuite. Contact us today if you’re ready to start or prefer to see a walkthrough first! Our integration professionals have helped hundreds of businesses and can answer any questions you have.

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
May 15, 2023