ShipStation NetSuite Integration

ShipStation and NetSuite are popular cloud-based software systems that help businesses manage their daily operations. Integrating these platforms can significantly benefit your business, streamlining the order fulfillment process, saving time, and reducing errors. 

Learn how ShipStation NetSuite integration can help manage your data here. 

Does ShipStation Integrate with NetSuite?

Yes, ShipStation integrates with NetSuite, but you’ll need to find the best solution for your business. You can use a connector, which connects the data between ShipsStation and NetSuite. Or, you could work with a third-party solution provider, like SuperSync, to map your data flow and implement robust customizations. 

Once the integration is complete, you can sync your orders, inventory, and shipping information between the two platforms. 

How to Integrate ShipStation with NetSuite

  • Use NetSuite’s connector - ShipStation offers a prebuilt NetSuite connector, which is ideal if you’d prefer to do everything through the eCommerce shipping platform. However, certain limitations apply. For example, if your business needs customizations, unique workflows, or advanced setup, you’ll likely need a third-party NetSuite solution provider to set up the integration. 
  • Work with a third-party solution provider - Third-party NetSuite solution providers can build customizable integrations via an IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), which puts you in the driver’s seat regarding the data that passes between ShipStation and NetSuite. 

NetSuite offers various eCommerce integrations, including but not limited to Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon. Check out guide NetSuite eCommerce integrations guide to learn more. 

SuperSync’s ShipStation NetSuite Integration

SuperSync's team of NetSuite-certified developers created a ShipStation NetSuite integration that predicts the workload before it arrives and uses prebuilt flows to map orders, fulfillments, returns, and inventory out-of-the-box without the need for expensive customizations. 

If you want to personalize things, we’ll add that to your NetSuite integration and train you to use everything once we finish. We’re all about making integrations quick, easy, and tailor-made for its users. 

How Does SuperSync’s ShipStation NetSuite Integration Work?

As mentioned, our integration comes ready-made, so setup is usually pretty fast. We’ll let your business decide whether you want to use our pre-built workflows or need additional customizations. 

Connecting NetSuite and ShipStation allows you to import and export data from ShipStation into NetSuite and vice versa; this is called a bi-directional data flow. Here are a few examples: 

  • Sync sales orders 
  • Import customer accounts from ShipStation into NetSuite
  • Update inventory on ShipStation with NetSuite’s restock data
  • Track fulfillment and lot numbers in NetSuite 
  • And more! 
SuperSync flows for ShipStation

Benefits of Integrating ShipStation and NetSuite

Streamlined Order Fulfillment Process

Integrating ShipStation with NetSuite allows you to manage orders from a single platform. That means when someone places an order, it’s automatically synched with both systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Not only can this streamline your order fulfillment process, but it also reduces the risk of errors that could occur with manual input. 

Improved Inventory Management 

Inventory management is essential to any business, and integrating NetSuite and ShipStation can help improve its accuracy and efficiency. For instance, when someone places an order, the integration instantly updates the inventory levels in ShipStation and Netsuite, ensuring that inventory is always up-to-date in both systems. 

Increased Shipping Efficiency 

ShipStation is a powerful shipping platform that helps businesses save time and money. Integrating it with NetSuite lets you import orders into ShipStation, print shipping labels, and track shipments in one platform, streamlining your shipping process. 

Real-Time Order Tracking 

With ShipStation NetSuite integration, you can track orders in real time. That way, you can monitor the status of an order from the moment it’s placed to when the delivery day. Not only does this help keep your customers in the loop, but it also improves satisfaction rates. 

Support from NetSuite Experts

Don’t work with a third-party provider or vendor you can never reach. Our team of NetSuite-certified experts has decades of experience creating and implementing various eCommerce integrations. 

With SuperSync, you’ll receive personal attention to address questions or concerns. Plus, we’re available for additional training and support once your ShipStation NetSuite integration is live. 

Interested in ShipStation Netsuite Integration?

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a more efficient and streamlined order fulfillment process? SuperSync can help implement your ShipStation NetSuite integration from start to finish. 

Contact us today to get started or to schedule a free demo.

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023