SuperSync Email vs Cloud Extend

When you have a powerful CRM tool, one of the most frustrating aspects can be copying and pasting emails from Outlook. 

Luckily, cloud software companies have recognized that need and built NetSuite Outlook integrations so you never have to worry about adding emails to NetSuite again! 

Our cloud software experts are comparing two of the most popular NetSuite Outlook integrations: SuperSync Email vs Cloud Extend. Here's how they compare, how they differ, and how to pick the right one for your business. 

What is a NetSuite Outlook Integration?

NetSuite Outlook integrations are integrations built to provide a seamless connection between email and calendar data from Outlook to NetSuite. 

Instead of switching between both programs or copy/pasting emails to log in to NetSuite's CRM, you can do all of that with the click of a button. Whether you're emailing internally with an employee or externally with a customer or vendor, this integration ensures all communication is located right within NetSuite. This makes everyone's job easier, as there's less room for forgetting to log an email to NetSuite, and more room for viewing recent communications. 

SuperSync Email for Outlook 

SuperSync Email is a NetSuite integration developed by SCS Cloud's team of NetSuite experts. Designed with users in mind, this integration is quick to set up and includes many features that other NetSuite Outlook integrations make you pay extra for. 

SuperSync Email Benefits

The top benefits of SuperSync include: 

  • Quick implementation - You can create and set up your integration in just minutes. Plus, our NetSuite-certified team will customize your integration so it meets your business needs – no lengthy custom development work required. 
  • Ongoing support and expertise - This integration was built by a team of NetSuite experts, so the features and flexibility of this integration are top-notch. When you purchase SuperSync Email for Outlook, we can always provide our expertise to you at no additional charge. 
  • Easy to use - We created a seamless user interface between NetSuite and SuperSync Email for Outlook. This helps users get used to the tool quickly without a steep learning curve. (Check out how our NetSuite Outlook integration works here!) 

SuperSync Email Features

The following features are included for all users of SuperSync Email at no extra cost: 

  • User license transfer 
  • Log emails to all NetSuite record types
  • Record creation 
  • View a NetSuite record in Outlook 
  • Support 
  • Auto-log emails to NetSuite 
  • Set user-based permissions to control access to records 
  • Dashboard 

SuperSync Email Price 

The price for SuperSync email is just $5 per user per month. For just $5, each user gets access to all of the features above! 

For example, at a company where 25 users need access to a NetSuite Outlook integration, the annual cost would only be $1,500. 

CloudExtend Outlook

CloudExtend Outlook is a NetSuite integration tool built by Celigo. It allows users to easily see, edit, and add new NetSuite records right from Outlook. 

CloudExtend Outlook Benefits

  • Free trial - You can pilot CloudExtend with a free trial of any level of service they offer. They also have a free version of the tool, though it is very limited. 
  • Easy email and file attachment - it just takes one click to attach emails and files to NetSuite records. 
  • Email autopilot - This autologs emails to NetSuite after the first email is added to the tool. While this is only available with the highest level of CloudExtend, it's one of the most helpful features of any NetSuite Outlook integration. 

CloudExtend Outlook Features

CloudExtend Outlook contains many features that help users integrate Outlook and NetSuite data. Unlike SuperSync Email for Outlook, CloudExtend has four different pricing levels with additional features for each one. 

The base features from the free version include: 

  • Add Outlook emails to NetSuite with one click 
  • Roles and permissions in NetSuite are carried over into CloudExtend 
  • Edit NetSuite records from Outlook 
  • Sync calendar events between NetSuite and Outlook
  • Token-based authentication and SSO 
  • Email support

CloudExtend Outlook Price 

CloudExtend has four different pricing levels, ranging from free to $20 per month per user. Here's a breakdown of each price level. 

Free Edition 

The Free Edition is a great way to test out CloudExtend, but it's pretty limited. You can only sync 20 emails and 20 calendar events per month. You can't view and edit NetSuite records in Outlook with this level – you can only search and attach items to NetSuite records. You will receive email support with this level. 


The User level is $10 per user per month. This includes everything from the free version plus unlimited emails and events, the ability to view, edit, and create NetSuite records from Outlook, uploading file attachments, and chat and phone support. 


The price for the group edition changes depending on how many users you have. Group pricing level starts at $10 per user per month for five users. This level scales up to 299 users, which drops monthly costs down to just $5 per user per month.

Features include everything from the user level plus an admin portal, enterprise billing, and the ability to transfer licenses. 


The highest level of CloudExtend's Outlook integration starts at $20 per user per month for five users. Similar to group pricing, enterprise level prices decrease the more users you need. 

The enterprise level has CloudExtend's most coveted feature: autopilot. This feature automatically logs full email threads in NetSuite after you attach the initial email. This is also the only level of CloudExtend that works on mobile devices and allows you to attach OneDrive and SharePoint files to NetSuite records. 

The Bottom Line: SuperSync Email vs CloudExtend 

The bottom line between these two NetSuite Outlook integration tools is that SuperSync Email provides more features at a lower price. While both integrations provide the same features, CloudExtend is only comparable to SuperSync if you purchase the highest level. 

SuperSync Email only charges $5 per user per month for all of its features, including auto-logging emails. To get that same feature from CloudExtend, you would need to be on the $20 per user per month model – in this case, SuperSync costs $1,500 per year and CloudExtend's enterprise cost would be $6,000 per year

Even on CloudExtend's lowest pricing level, it's still double the cost of SuperSync Email. 

Need Help with a NetSuite Outlook Integration Tool? 

Our cloud software experts are always happy to help. If you're looking for more information about SuperSync Email for Outlook, contact us today! We can walk you through how the integration works and help you get it set up within minutes.

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023