SuperSync for Shopify

If you've ever wished there was a way to directly pull Shopify data into NetSuite, our latest integration is for you. We've developed a powerful Shopify NetSuite Integration that handles all the data transfer you need! 

It's called SuperSync for Shopify. SuperSync for Shopify is a NetSuite connector that streamlines orders between Shopify to NetSuite. Everything from tracking data to inventory to sales is tracked in Netsuite in real-time. 

Your Powerful NetSuite - Shopify Integration Tool

SuperSync for Shopify is a connector that integrates real-time Shopify data from your eCommerce website into NetSuite. Instead of having to deal with data in both Shopify and NetSuite, plus whatever other inventory management systems you might be using,  NetSuite serves as the central data hub for everything. 

Why You Should Integrate Shopify with NetSuite 

If you're running an eCommerce business that uses NetSuite and Shopify separately, trust us -- you're going to want to integrate the data. 

  • Make better, real-time business decisions - Without integrating the two systems, you have a bit of a data silo issue. Let's say that, to keep track of inventory for your website, someone keeps track of everything in a spreadsheet and uploads this once per day. If you're basing your inventory, marketing decisions, and general business decisions around data updated once every 24 hours, you can't make agile business decisions, and you might miss out on important trends throughout the day. 
  • Less order fulfillment mistakes - With both NetSuite and Shopify working together, there's less room for human error and inconsistent data. Customers have seen decreases in issues such as having an incorrect shipping address, missing orders that needed to go out, and selling inventory they didn't actually have on hand. 

What Data Does SuperSync Pull to NetSuite? 

SuperSync pulls virtually everything from Shopify into NetSuite, including: 

  • Orders 
  • Tracking information 
  • Inventory 
  • Customer refunds 
  • Discounts 
  • Credit card fees 

One of the best parts about SuperSynch for Shopify is that the data flows both ways! You can push tracking information from NetSuite back to Shopify and sync inventory between both systems.

For example, as customers make purchases from your website, NetSuite keeps track of what's left in your inventory. This way, you could show "low inventory" or "out of stock" messages on your website until you receive more product.

You could also promote items that might not be selling as much, or push eCommerce users towards your most popular products based on sales volume.

Why You Should Choose SuperSync's Shopify - NetSuite Integration

There are many other Shopify - NetSuite Integrations out there (you can check out our ultimate comparison post on SuperSync vs Celigo vs Boomi). Here are a few reasons SuperSync is a great choice!

  • Ready to go in minutes - Yes, we're serious. It only takes a few minutes to integrate Shopify with NetSuite! Thanks to our user-friendly interface and quick setup process, you'll see your data sync in just minutes, no coding required.
  • User-friendly navigation - We made the SuperSync platform intuitive and easy to navigate. Plus, if you ever have any questions or need help, our support team is available!
  • Customizable and expandable integration flows - Our developers built SuperSync to be an all-in-one NetSuite integration platform. It's easy to update flow mapping by adding new ones, editing existing ones, or removing ones you no longer need.

How Do I Use SuperSync for Shopify? 

  • Login to SuperSync
Login page for SuperSync where you can register or sign into an existing account
  • Setup new Shopify account/store
Easily add you Shopify account to SuperSync and have it quickly sync with NetSuite
  • On the home dashboard, you'll see synchronization flows and metrics such as the number of records synced today, this week, and this month. This dashboard also shows any issues with unsuccessful syncs that need to be fixed. 
Home dashboard of SuperSync for Shopify, showing metrics such as the number of records synced today, yesterday, and this week above an overall trends graph.
  • Scrolling down, you'll see recent transactions and their sync status.  
  • You can navigate through other reports using the menu on the left. 

There are a few different menus in the SuperSync dashboard: 

  • Account - in this area, you can view and update connection information such as NetSuite restlet URLs, hosting information, and account details. 
  • Users- this dashboard allows you to manage access and users. 
  • Integrations - This is the core of the SuperSync platform -- it's where you can view all existing integrations flows. You can turn existing integrations on or off or add new ones. 
Integrations menu in SuperSync, where you can turn existing integrations on and off, or add new integrations.

Benefits of Using SuperSync for Shopify

  • All your data is synced into one place, updating in real-time 
  • It's affordable and easy to set up! Prices start at $2500 per year, we can get you up and running within days. 
  • Our expert technical team works around the clock to provide guided support and pinpointed business information. 
  • SuperSync can be fully customized to meet your specific needs, such as adjusting tax rates for different states. 

Streamline Your Shopify Data Today! 

Ready to get started? Contact us to set up a free demo of SuperSync for Shopify. We'll show you the ropes and talk about how it could help your business.

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023