Amazon - NetSuite Integration: SuperSync for Amazon

NetSuite promises a system without limits, where data from virtually any platform can live in one place.

With an Amazon-NetSuite integration, NetSuite makes good on that promise by integrating all of Amazon's data right within NetSuite. However, this isn't a feature that's automatically included within NetSuite. It requires the help of a third-party connector (and experienced support team) to make it work flawlessly.

Our NetSuite experts at SCS Cloud built a state-of-the-art Amazon to NetSuite integration called SuperSync for Amazon. It syncs everything from inventory numbers to fulfillment status.

Here's how our Amazon NetSuite Integration works, and how it can help your business!

What is a NetSuite Integration?

NetSuite integrations are third-party services that combine data from another platform to NetSuite. There are a ton of different NetSuite Integrations, some of the most popular ones include Amazon, Shopify, and Outlook.

There are multiple ways NetSuite integrations can be created, such as a direct connection, utilizing an API, or building it on an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Regardless of the integration method, data will flow freely between NetSuite and the other service.

Depending on the NetSuite integration partner you choose, you can set up custom workflows, establish workflow automation, and gain powerful insights from the combined data.

Why Would I Need an Amazon - NetSuite Integration?

While NetSuite is already a powerful tool, its ability to integrate with other large platforms like Amazon and Shopify almost makes it a necessity for any eCommerce business.

For example, without an integration between NetSuite and Amazon, sales, inventory, and fulfillment data could all be disconnected. An integration means real-time updates: you'll know exactly how much inventory is on hand and your website can be automatically updated, you'll know exactly which orders shipped, and how to follow up with certain customers.

Without this integration, you could miss orders, sell inventory you don't have on hand, and have a hard time combining datasets from multiple different platforms for reporting and revenue purposes.

How Does Amazon Integrate with NetSuite?

SuperSync Flows for Amazon and NetSuite

The best part about using a pre-built Amazon to NetSuite integration is that your business doesn't have to worry about all of the technical stuff.

Our NetSuite developers did all of the work for you! All you have to do to connect your NetSuite and Amazon data is sign in to Amazon and watch the orders flow into NetSuite in real-time.

What is SuperSync for Amazon?

SuperSync for Amazon is a connector that integrates real-time Amazon data into NetSuite. It also pulls NetSuite data into Amazon, so tracking and fulfillment information is imported into Amazon.

This integration was built by the developers here at SCS Cloud — we're a certified NetSuite Solution Provider dedicated to helping your business run as efficiently as possible.

Amazon - NetSuite Integration Benefits

  • Complete setup within minutes - You won't have to wait days or weeks to get your integration setup. We designed this Amazon and NetSuite integration to be as easy as possible to set up — all you have to do is sign in with Amazon and it's ready to go!
  • Enhanced inventory management - Forget about missed orders, delayed shipping, selling out-of-stock products, and customers wondering where their orders are. When you integrate Amazon and NetSuite, the SuperSync connector streamlines all of this data between both platforms. With a real-time connection, inventory orders and fulfillment metrics update to reflect their current status.
  • Complete Amazon integration solution - Our SuperSync integration supports both Seller Central and Vendor Central, so you can rest assured knowing all of your data will be fully compatible with NetSuite.
  • Data syncs both ways - Some NetSuite integrations upcharge you if you want data to flow both ways. With SuperSync, the setup automatically includes this! You can export data from Amazon to NetSuite and vice versa, building a truly unified data hub within NetSuite.

SuperSync Amazon - NetSuite Integration Pricing

Pricing for SuperSync's Amazon to NetSuite integration starts at $2,500 per year.

Amazon - NetSuite Integration Features

SuperSync's Amazon to NetSuite integration contains a lot of capabilities out-of-the-box. While we can work together on any customizations you might need, here's what's included:


  • Customer
  • Orders from FBM and FBA
  • Fulfillment
  • Billing, including cash sales and invoices
  • Cancellations


  • Inventory level
  • Inventory management for multi-location businesses
  • Item type


  • Item/product type
  • Listing data
  • Type
  • Attribute
  • Image
  • Price


  • Amazon fee
  • Customer payment
  • Refunds

Looking for an Integration Between NetSuite and Amazon?

We can help! Whether you want to learn more about how an integration between Amazon and NetSuite could benefit your business, or you're ready to get started ASAP, contact us! We'll walk you through the process.

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
May 16, 2023