Walmart NetSuite Integration: Optimize Your eCommerce Listings

Eliminate manual order entry and time-consuming workflows by integrating Walmart with NetSuite.  

Do you ever wish there was a way to quickly push product data to from NetSuite? What about automatically updating NetSuite with new customer data from orders through Walmart?  

A Walmart NetSuite integration can help your business… 

  • Sell faster 
  • Improve back-office efficiencies
  • Scale quickly 
  • Customize workflows 
  • Make business decisions based on real-time data 

A Walmart NetSuite integration can solve all of those problems and more. Here's how it works and how it can help your eCommerce business be more efficient.  

Does Walmart Integrate With NetSuite? 

Yes! integrates with NetSuite. However, it isn't something you can do on your own. (Well, unless you're a NetSuite developer.) 

Many eCommerce platforms integrate with NetSuite, including Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. 

How to Integrate Walmart With NetSuite 

Walmart does not come with the ability to integrate with NetSuite. You'll need to work with a third-party NetSuite solution provider to integrate the two platforms. 

A NetSuite solution provider is well-versed in cloud software and should have developers trained in NetSuite's coding languages. Most NetSuite providers create pre-built integrations, so they're ready to go whenever a client needs them. 

There are two types of ways to connect Walmart and NetSuite: 

  • A NetSuite Connector - A NetSuite connector is a way to map data points between NetSuite and eCommerce platforms. This is the less comprehensive option — it's quick and easy to set up but doesn't have room for customizations. 
  • A NetSuite Integration - NetSuite integrations are built using an iPaaS, or integration Platform as a service. This makes it easier to standardize data between applications, build comprehensive integrations, and create robust customizations. These are the best option, as the sky's the limit with integrations! 

SuperSync's Walmart NetSuite Integration 

Our team of NetSuite-certified experts created a pre-built Walmart NetSuite integration that is perfect for online retailers of any size.  

We want NetSuite integrations to be quick, easy, and highly customizable for its users. That's why we spent the time creating a Walmart integration ahead of time. Then, all we have to do is add it to your NetSuite installation, build out whatever customizations are needed, and train you on how to use it. 

How Does SuperSync's Walmart NetSuite Integration Work? 

Our integration is already built, so it's quick to set up. We'll work together to determine if you want to choose from our pre-built workflows or need advanced customizations set up. 

Connecting NetSuite and Walmart allows you to seamlessly import and export data, which is called a bi-directional data flow. You can export data from Walmart into NetSuite, or import data from NetSuite to Walmart. 

Here are a few examples of data flows: 

  • Import new customer accounts from Walmart into NetSuite 
  • Update inventory on when the restock data hits NetSuite 
  • Sync sales orders 
  • Synchronize product data, including item descriptions, photos, pricing, sizes, and colors 
  • Sync refunds so you can keep track of the total number of refunds and their statuses 
  • Keep an eye on fulfillment numbers in NetSuite  
  • Easily unpublish or delete items from the Walmart store directly in NetSuite 

Benefits of Integrating Walmart and NetSuite

Automate Inventory and Order Management

Whether you take advantage of our pre-built workflows or need a customized solution, integrating Walmart and NetSuite gives you automated workflows for managing inventory, fulfillment, orders, and returns. 

High-Level Visibility 

All your data will be housed in one place: NetSuite. Inventory is synced in real-time, and your Walmart listings will always have the latest data. Customers can see what recently went in stock, plus all the size and color variations you carry. 

This is especially helpful if your products are listed on multiple eCommerce websites, as you can quickly view your inventory, order data, and check on business performance for all online listings in one centralized place. 

Support from NetSuite Experts 

Forget about unproven third parties or vendors you can never get ahold of. Our team of NetSuite-certified experts will create and implement your Walmart integration. Plus, they're available for additional training and support once the integration is live! 

Ready to Integrate Walmart and NetSuite? 

Scale your eCommerce business with Walmart quickly and efficiently by integrating it with NetSuite. If you're ready to get started or prefer to see a walkthrough first, contact us today! We can answer any questions you have and provide a custom quote.

Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
April 24, 2023