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Creating New Customers

In this video, we walkthrough how to create a new customer record in NetSuite and the key fields that have to be filled in to do so.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back. In this video, I'm going to show you how to create a new customer record and understand, I'm not going to show you all of the different options or features available on a customer record. I'm really just going to focus on the key information that you need to create that new customer. So let's take a look at this.

So here we are in the home dashboard. There's a couple of different ways you can create a new customer from here. You can go to lists down to your relationships and you'll see customer here. Click on New. But you also have the ability to go to this create new button. And if you go down to customer, you can simply click on it that way.

Okay, So we get a new customer record. And one thing to understand, I say this in several videos. What you see here on my customer record is not necessarily going to match what you have. These records can all be customized depending on what your needs are for your company. You might have entirely different fields that are available. So just understand we're trying to just cover the basics, the key information, and once you start getting a grasp on that, you start being more familiar with the records that you have.

And one thing to note, when you first come on, the record is over here. You see the form. So that's something that always has taken note of. Especially if the form looks different than what you're used to. You can take a look over at form and go, I'm on a different form than my default. Or maybe you are on your default. You're used to using a different one. You just want to make sure you have the right form for what you're trying to accomplish, because the form can dramatically change the appearance of whatever record you're trying to create. So in this case, one customer, two form.

So let's go down. The first option we have is are you creating a company or an individual customer? So in this case, let's stick with company. So we're just going to put in a generic title like Joe Jones Company, something we don't already have in the system. So we have a status and this is basically specifying what type of customers this A defaults to closed one because that's really the beginning of the order to cash process flow, which we cover in that video. But so it's obviously showing it's a closed customer. You won that customer. So that's the default. But you can also have a lost customer or maybe you're trying to renew or upsell a customer so you can select whatever the status is.

And you do need to, no matter what customer your record you're creating, you're going to have to attach it to a subsidiary. So even if it's just one subsidiary, it might default to whatever the one subsidiary is, but you're going to have to select what that is. So let's just connect it to the United States. West and then you get a bunch of options again, depending on your exact form of their email, their phone number, their address, what sales rep selected them, All these different things you can fill in.

Down here we have another just kind of some head that goes over and the revenue from that person, the industry that they're that customer's in. So we're not really going to get into all that. But understand, whatever your form has, you want to make sure you understand what's the vital information for your company to get from records. And that's the kind of information you're going to want to be putting in there.

So then we come down, we have this sub tab. So again, I'm not going to cover everything in here. But one thing I do want to point out is due to financial here, we have primary currency. So that is another thing you have to set up for a customer is what is the currency. So if you're a multi-currency corporation you want to make sure that you are if it's a customer, it's in Australia, you want to make sure it's set to Australian dollars. And another point of note is terms. For business to business sales, you're going to have certain terms of sale. For example, net 30 is a common one, which simply means that that bill is going to be due in 30 days, that that four bill, the net of it will be due in 30 days. So, so you want to make sure that if you are dealing with B2B sales, that you are selecting the appropriate terms.

And then if we scroll down here, we're just going to go to save we're given a confirmation that the customer was successfully saved. And if we go over to the list here, we can see all of the different customers that we have and we can quick sort recently created. And you can see down here we have the Joe Jones company that we just created, and that's how you create a new customer in NetSuite.

I'll see you in the next video.