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Role-Specific Dashboards

In this video, we look at Dashboards that are specific to various roles in NetSuite.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back. In last video, I introduced you to the Netsuite Home dashboard. In this video, we're going to get into some role specific dashboards. So let's take a look.

So you can see here, we've got we're back in the administrator role. You can see that up here. And you see this is just the dashboard we have for this role. But as we switch roles, you'll see that the dashboard actually changes. So if we go up here and let's say we switch to a let's do an accounts receivable analyst. So notice as I switch to that dashboard, first off, notice the color changed. So you can have different colors per role which I'm going to get into in a second. But notice, the dashboard is very, very different.

Now, we still have reminders over here, but the reminders are no different, right? They're related to an A/R analyst. You've got invoices, sales orders. You've got this tiles portlet that gives you A/R Register, all these things related to air. And then you've got the key performance indicators now relating to in our analyst receivables days to receive. You got this monthly receivables trend over here and there's other portlets down here.

So that's what we have for A/R analysts. Now let's see what it looks like for, for example, a sales representative. Again, we've got a different color here. It looks similar, but notice the reminders over here in our has opportunities of close calls. The KPIs are now lead sales. The tiles are all different, right? You've got a sales KPI meter down here. So every single role will have its own dashboard and you can customize each of these dashboards.

And again, this is important. So if you're switching between roles, you can set exactly what you want to have on each role and how that's going to look. And one thing I want to cover very briefly, this is not vitally important, but it's something that you might use. Notice I point out in the last video, you've got this navigation bar here and you've got all of these different buttons here. You've got leads, opportunities, customers. So these are all here specifically because we're in the sales rep role. It would look a little different depending on your role.

These actually each category here does have its own dashboard. So if you just click on that button, you now go to a customer's dashboard. You can also do it by hovering over customers overview and just clicking that and will give you the exact same thing. So activities leads these each have their own dashboard. Again, not everyone's going to use that and it's not vital. If you don't want to use it, that's fine. The one you're going to use the most is going to be here in the home dashboard that you have for the role that you're in. So here we're a sales representative. This is our sales representative Home dashboard.

Lastly, I'm going to cover something that you might want to use can be very helpful and it's a bit fun if you go over to your home here and just go to this button, set preferences. So you've got a lot of things you can change here and set as your basic settings for your netsuite. But just go to appearance here and the very first thing you're going to see here is a color theme for your netsuite. So as you saw when we went through the various roles, your color kept changing. So you can actually click here and you can change it to all the different colors. And there's actually they have tons of colors. They've got all the universities in here. So you can actually go down and find the college you were from. It's got just about everything in here. Let's take let's do LSU for a second, why not? So as you can see, it actually now switches to the colors for that college and it'll even have you know, if it's got a college with two colors, it'll do a little too soon.

One additional thing to keep in mind is what you're setting on these preferences is specific, not just for yourself. It won't affect any other netsuite user, but it's also specific to that specific role. So if you've got three different roles and you do the set preferences and let's say you change the color for your sales representative role, it will say different than what you have as, for example, your sales manager role. And the way that can be very helpful is if you set them as different colors and you'll get to know them as those colors. For example, you set sales manager to blue and sales representative to green. You'll start just innately knowing that when you see blue, you know you're in the sales manager role and that can be an easy and quick way to just know, Oh, I'm in the wrong role. I need a switch because I'm looking at green and I know I'm doing a sales manager function. So I'm going to want to switch over to the blue sales manager. So that's kind of a helpful tip.

All right. Well, that's the role specific dashboards. I'll see you in the next video.