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Using Field Level Help

In this video, we take a look at Field Level Help and how it can be used within NetSuite.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back. In this video, I'm going to be covering field level help. Now, just to be clear, regardless of whether you're a complete beginner in Netsuite or you're a seasoned consultant, field level help is a very, very helpful tool to be able to navigate and figure out what you're looking at in Netsuite.

So let's take a look at that. So we have a bunch of fields here, right? We've got order, date, subsidiary location, all of these fields, these areas where there can be information. Every single one of these if we hover over one of them. Notice a little question mark comes up there and it says, What's this? So if we click on that, it's going to pull up field help and field help is simply information about what is included in that field or what are the options. If it's like a little yes or no tab, what does that mean? What is that going to do? What are what some of the underlying or the background things that are occurring, if you click a certain option or if you see that it's U.S. currency, what does that mean exactly in terms of the record?

So it gives all this information. It's generally written pretty succinctly and gives clear information about what that field is specifically doing. So you can always read through that. Now, there's a few additional things. We've got the field ID here now that's really more for consultants or developers, just that ID can be linked to scripts and other things. So for basic users, don't worry about that. Obviously, if you're a consultant, make sure that your field IDs are included, so that is can be accessed later. And then this customized button again that's more for consultants.

And I do want to make a plug for consultants. When you are making custom fields, you always want to make sure that you write in that field that field help line you clearly state what is that custom field doing so that even if maybe it's clear to you what that thing is, whenever someone else access it in the future or user is dealing with that field, it's very clear to them and it's completely explained as to what that field is going to be doing. It's very easy to just make a field and skip past that step, and then you run into a situation where you have no idea what a specific field is doing and it might be a helpful thing. So it's important to always include that field level help.

Again, that's a note for consultants, not something that general users are going to be dealing with. That is an example of field level help. Again, you can click on any of these things. The only things that you can't click on if you're on like a sub tab like this, or if we go to if it's like a sub list these things because when you click on them, they're pulling up information. You're not going to be able to see field level help for those items. So you can always go to something like SuiteAnswers or these Supertraining videos if you want information on specific sub tabs or sub lists.

That's it for field level help. I'll see you in the next video.