NetSuite Shipping Integration Comparison Guide

Order fulfillment and shipping can be some of the most complicated -- and expensive -- parts of running a business. 

It's possible to save money on shipping and fulfillment: 

Utilize a third-party NetSuite shipping integration to optimize shipping carriers, rates, and routes. 

Centralize order, customer, shipping, and fulfillment data into one user-friendly interface: NetSuite! 

We want to help your business be as successful as possible, so our cloud experts are here to compare some of the most popular NetSuite shipping integrations: 

  • ShipJunction 
  • ShipHawk
  • ShipJunction
  • Pacejet
  • SuperSync Shipping

Learn about the key features of the top NetSuite shipping integrations, what users are saying about them, and which type of business each tool is best for. 

How to Choose the Best NetSuite Shipping Integration 

Like any NetSuite integration, there are many different shipping integration options to choose from. It's not easy to compare them all yourself, so we're doing all this research for you! 

     The most important attributes to pay attention to with each integration are: 

  • How they integrate with your shipping carriers - For example, do you need support with LTL (less-than-truckload) carriers? Not all NetSuite shipping integrations offer this. 
  • What type of customization you're looking for - Some integrations don't offer much in this department, whereas others can help you brand everything from order tracking pages to shipping labels. 
  • Ease of scalability - Some NetSuite shipping integrations scale better than others. If you need the flexibility to ramp up orders and shipping quickly, choose an integration that's fully capable of this.
  • Whether they support your shipping volume - Some NetSuite shipping integrations only work with high-volume retailers. Others are open to businesses of all sizes and order volumes. 

Of course, the best NetSuite shipping integration for your business depends on your specific needs. However, there are a few top shipping integrations worth taking a look at. This information should help you narrow your list, and you can go from there. 


ShipJunction utilizes NetSuite data so companies can ship smarter and faster. It features a multi-carrier shipping portal, workflow automation capabilities, and a branded returns portal. Customers who have used ShipJunction leave raving reviews and are thankful that this NetSuite Shipping integration helps streamline fulfillment and shipping. 

ShipJunction Features 

  • Easily handle high-volume shipping - ShipJunction allows businesses to easily manage increases in order and shipping volume without needing to add more employees. 
  • Lowers shipping and labor costs - ShipJunction automatically prints all necessary shipping documents, optimizes shipping by choosing the best carrier and routes, and automates packing so products go in the smallest box possible. 
  • Workflow automation - ShipJunction automates fulfillment workflows so you can save money on shipping and labor. For example, the software helps manage orders as efficiently as possible, including purposeful, faster picking and optimizing package sizes. 

ShipJunction Reviews 

ShipJunction has mainly five-star reviews on Oracle. Highlights from customer reviews include:

  • How ShipJunction helped a wholesale distributor scale its orders "without limitations," going from hundreds of orders in a day to over 8,000. It also helped this reviewer break into the B2C marketplace. 
  • Improvements with accurate shipping labels and batch order pulling. 
  • The ability to use more shipping carriers than the ones integrated with NetSuite. 
  • Handling unique requirements, such as complicated SKU bundles, shipping mistakes, label creation problems, and human error. 

Best For: Businesses Looking for Improved Operations & Scalability 

ShipJunction is great for retailers that want the ability to scale business operations without increasing headcount. It also dramatically helps improve your bottom line by optimizing shipping and fulfillment processes. 


ShipHawk is a powerful NetSuite shipping integration that's great for high-volume, eCommerce, and wholesale companies. ShipHawk optimizes shipping costs, improves order throughput, automates packing and fulfillment decisions, and is capable of handling LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. 

ShipHawk Features 

  • Supports Parcel, Freight, and LTL shipments - Not every NetSuite shipping integration can handle LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. If you're looking for a robust shipping solution, including LTL, ShipHawk is a great choice.
  • Reduce shipping costs - Shipping mistakes cost a lot of money. One of the biggest reasons shipping costs are underestimated is improper packaging. ShipHawk developed two systems to help businesses save money on shipping costs: Smart Packing™ and Smart Rating™.  Smart Packing™ gets rid of inaccurately rated shipments by choosing the best packaging for each order.
  • Automated carrier and route optimization - Even if your business isn't looking to switch shipping carriers, ShipHawk can find the lowest possible shipping rates even with your existing carriers. ShipHawk's automation optimizes tariff discounts, determining destination criteria and carrier availability. 

ShipHawk Reviews 

  • Customers love ShipHawk's support team.
  • Reviewers say ShipHawk has helped them save money on shipping, increase the accuracy of shipments, and build with customizations as needed. 
  • One customer noted that the ability to combine orders could be improved on and that they've seen some issues with high-volume orders. 
  • Multiple reviewers note that ShipHawk does not provide support or services for small-volume customers. 

Best For: High-Volume Retailers 

ShipHawk is best for high-volume retailers. It's also a great option if you need LTL support. Whether you're in eCommerce or wholesale, this NetSuite shipping integration is expensive for small-volume businesses. Plus, based on recent reviews, ShipHawk doesn't even offer much support to smaller operations. ShipStation 

Chosen as Oracle NetSuite's 2020 partner of the year, ShipStation uses a state-of-the-art field mapping tool that seamlessly integrates with NetSuite to support high-volume orders. 

ShipStation Features 

  • Import orders from any selling platform - Connecting your sales channels when using NetSuite is easy. Whether your business uses Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Magneto, or any other selling channel, your orders will be synced through ShipStation for quick, reliable fulfillment.  
  • Create a branded experience every step of the way - ShipStation allows you to keep your branding consistent throughout the entire shipment and delivery process. This includes a branded returns portal, tracking pages, custom confirmation emails, branded labels, and customized packing slips. 
  • Perfect for beginners or experts - Choosing ShipStation's NetSuite integration means you'll also gain an entire team of experts ready to help you grow. Whether you're a complete beginner still learning the ropes or an eCommerce pro, ShipStation will help you with whatever you need. 

ShipStation Reviews 

  • Reviewers note an easy, quick setup process flexible enough to meet customization needs. 
  • Users love ShipStation's support team. They're credited with a painless setup process, taking the time to understand each business's needs and providing helpful ongoing support. 
  • Some users have noted that there can be a bit of a delay between ShipStation and NetSuite syncing order status, including "picking" orders and order cancellations. 

Best For: Companies Needing Ongoing Support & Advanced Customization 

While other NetSuite shipping integration partners provide support, ShipStation's support team and guidance are a cut above the rest. Customers consistently point out how helpful ShipStation's team is throughout the setup and optimization process and how they're always available to help. 

Another unique perk of ShipStation is the ability for brands to customize virtually every aspect of a customer's ordering journey, from the tracking screen to the shipping label and packaging. 


Pacejet is the only NetSuite shipping integration on the market with a complete cloud-based multi-carrier shipping application. It combines all parcel and freight carriers into one interface, so your business can stay up to date on current shipping costs, competitor rates, and applicable contract negotiations. 

Pacejet Features 

  • Easier to control pricing - Pacejet's NetSuite shipping integration makes it easier to keep track of negotiated rates, list pricing, and pricing rules, so you're maximizing revenue. 
  • Real-time connections with carriers - Pacejet is one of the few NetSuite shipping integration tools that offers live connections with their LTL, parcel, 3PL, and consolidator carrier network. This ensures you always get the best prices and most accurate estimates. 
  • See ROI in as little as one or two months - Pacejet customers have reported receiving a full ROI in just one or two months. This NetSuite shipping integration has helped businesses reduce shipping costs by up to 30% and labor costs by up to 80%. 

Pacejet Reviews 

  • Current users say Pacejet is easy to integrate with NetSuite.
  • It really does pay itself off by saving money on carrier rates by allowing customers to shop for the best shipping rates. 
  • A common negative thread that's apparent in reviews from 2018 through 2021 is that Pacejet's customer support could be improved. Mainly, users say they can be difficult to get a hold of, even for simple questions or requests. 

Best For: Working with Many Different Shipping Carriers 

Pacejet does a great job integrating with virtually any shipping carrier. This allows users to shop for the best shipping rates, optimize revenue, and remain competitive. If your business has complex shipping needs, Pacejet's integration helps you efficiently navigate carriers and rates. 

SuperSync Shipping 

SuperSync Shipping is a solution that allows you to compare shipping rates, manage fulfillment, and track key metrics directly in NetSuite. It’s an on-platform integration that supports various carriers and integrates with your existing eCommerce, 3PL, and CRM platforms. 

SuperSync Shipping Features

  • Operates on-platform - It’s fully integrated with NetSuite, so orders automatically sync without requiring additional tools or logins.
  • Customizable shipping labels - You can customize your shipping labels with your own logo and branding. The platform also supports direct entry from postage scales and print labels to on-site printers. 
  • Automated metrics tracking - It creates item fulfillment records in NetSuite and syncs them back to the eCommerce platform, ensuring accuracy and visibility. It’s also optimized for high-volume operations and can handle any connection with NetSuite. 
  • Supports multiple carriers - SuperSync Shipping supports a wide range of carriers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. Plus, it provides real-time shipping for each order. 
  • Cheaper on average - It’s typically more affordable than other shipping solutions because you don’t have to purchase additional connectors or software. 

SuperSync Shipping Reviews

  • Current users tend to appreciate the user-friendly interface and find it easy to navigate. The platform’s simplicity contributes to a smooth shipping experience. 
  • Many reviews highlight SuperSync’s streamlined order processing and tout it as a “game-changer” because everything is automated and synched within NetSuite. 
  • While specific testimonials may vary, SuperSync Shipping generally receives positive feedback for its customer support. Users report responsive and helpful support teams that assist with any questions or issues that may arise. 

Best For: Tracking Key Metrics Directly in NetSuite 

SuperSync Shipping is best for businesses that use NetSuite as their ERP system and want to streamline their shipping workflow. Unlike other shipping solutions, SuperSync Shipping lives fully on-platform and syncs orders automatically within NetSuite — saving you time and money and providing real-time visibility into your shipping data. 

It’s optimized for high-volume operations and can be set up by trained NetSuite experts. 

Need Help with NetSuite Integrations? 

Whether you're looking for a new NetSuite shipping integration or eCommerce integration, our cloud software experts can help. 

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Brooks Flanagan
Last updated on 
July 29, 2023