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Home Dashboard Overview

In this video, we look at the Home Dashboard and orient you to its key features.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to NetSuite SuperTraining.

So in this lesson, we're going to be covering the NetSuite home dashboard. And I'm going to walk you through some of the things on this dashboard and orient you to some of the key functions here. And keep in mind that the home dashboard that you see is not necessarily the same dashboard that everyone else's. There's a lot of different customizations you can do on the dashboard, as well as the fact that all of the things that you see here are based on the role that you're currently in. So a coworker might be in a different role and see a very different dashboard.

So I'm just going to run you through some of the broad strokes. So let's get into it. So first off, you've got this green bar here and it might be a different color for you, but this bar that covers across the screen here, everything below that is what's called the dashboard itself. And what's important here is you've got all of these little windows. And these are called portlets, There's a million different portlets you can have. They can share everything from key performance indicators, various reports. You can put calendars, reminders will cover all of these different things in a separate video. But all you need to know at this moment is that everything here is considered the dashboard.

So next step we have, if you come over here in the top right, you'll see that it's got the name here and it's got the role that you're currently in. Now, this is very important because for several reasons. One, you can have several roles you might want to be in. For example, if you're a sales manager, you might have a sales manager role and you might also have a sales representative role. So it's key to make sure that you're in the correct role. And if you want to change roles, you just hover over it. You'll have this little dropdown menu and I'll give you all of your various options for roles, and we'll cover the roles all in a little more detail in the next video. But for now, just know that it's there.

Okay, So next we're going to hover over to the Help button here, and this takes you to the Net Suite Help Center. It's an incredibly useful resource. We're going to show you in a future video. Exactly how you use that. But just know if you're ever run into a problem, you don't know why something's happening. You can always go here and search for the exact problem you're running into.

Next, we have over here this unassuming little button here is incredibly helpful as a tool. It allows you to create a new record. As you can see, it's got a bunch of different options. You can create new customers, you can make a sales order, an invoice, and basically from anywhere in that suite, you always will have this button above and you can always hover over it and immediately create that record that you want. So very important.

And if you go far over to the left here, you see this little home button, obviously, that takes you back to the home dashboard. And again, important for wherever you are, especially if you're into some page or some record that you don't want to be in or you want to return back to some kind of stable point, you can always click on this and it will return you back to your home dashboard.

Next, you have this star here. This is your favorites. It operates just like when you're on a web browser. You can go on a page and you can select your favorites. And an example where that might be helpful is, for example, if you have a specific major customer that you're always going back to and you're always looking at that record, you can simply favorite that record, and then whenever you want to access it, you hover over the favorites and you can go to that exact record. So it can be a very useful tool.

Next, we have this little clock over here. That's the history button. Again, just like your web browser. It'll show you the last 12 or so records that you've been on. So if you go into a further recording, you go, okay, wait, I want to go back to that last record I was on. You can always hover this and then go down to that exact record and click on it. And again, everything I've just shown you can be customized in terms of how many records you show, what your favorites look like. All of these different things. We're going to get into customizations in the next video. But for now, we just want to make sure you're familiar with everything that's here and what its purpose is.

Okay. So next we have the global search bar. And this allows you to type in any kind of data and it will actually search through every record that you have in NetSuite and pull up every instance where that appears. So it can be an incredibly powerful tool. And lastly, we have this green or again, depending on your netsuite version and roll, it will have potentially a different color. But this bar that goes all along the top there, we're not going to get into all the different words and categories here, but just know that it's going to have all these major categories. And if you hover over them, it will actually have a little dropdown and it can have multiple dropdowns based on each category. So just know that it's there. It's called the navigation bar and it's going to be a very important thing to get around in next week.

Okay, so that's your orientation to the NetSuite Home dashboard and the next video, we're going to go into more detail for this dashboard.