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Logging in - Emailed Link

NetSuite Login

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Logging in - Emailed Link

In this video, we look at how to log into NetSuite for the first time if you've been sent an email from your Administrator giving you access through a link.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back to Netsuite Supertraining.

In the last video I showed you how to log into Netsuite. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to change things such as your email, your password, and your security questions, as well as give a couple administrator tricks on how to set passwords for others. So let's get into this.

So as you can see here, we're on the home dashboard in this case under the role of Alex Wolfe as the administrator. So let's say you wanted to change your email address. What you do is you scroll down and you're going to see a little portlet down here, which is this window, and it'll say settings. And under settings it's got a few different options, but three of the options here are change email, change password and update security questions.

So let's click on Change Email. So in this case, the first thing that you're going to see is the current password. So whatever password you just logged in with, you're going to put back in here and then you have the option to reset the new address. And then also you're going to type it twice to make sure that it's typed correctly. You also have this button down here. This one is really more for consultants. So unless you have multiple accounts that you use with one email, which the average user won't have, you can pretty much ignore this. And I'm not actually going to change the emails here because I don't really want to go down that road.

But let's see how it looks if we want to do the change password. So if I click on that, first thing I have to do is put in my password that I currently have and then I have to put in the new password twice. So once that's done and it gives you some parameters here that you have to match, they're pretty straightforward for most passwords. Hit save, and it'll take you back to the home page. And in this case, it's actually going to give you a little green bar at the top here, verifying to you that you did correctly set your new password. And you do need to make sure that you store that somewhere, record it however you do to ensure that you have that for future reference.

So next we're going to go down to update security questions. So if you click on that little link there in the settings portlet, you're going to get that same thing that when you first logged in, you have to set those questions. This is simply allowing you to now change them to something else. Maybe your questions changed, or for some reason you weren't satisfied with your questions. You can reset them here and again, you’re going to have to put in your password first to ensure that you have the authorization to change those questions so you can choose from any of the additional questions and change the answers and make sure that obviously there's something that you either will know innately or you have stored to easily get back to.

So that's it for updating security questions. Let's go back to our home page here. Now, the last thing I'm going to show you, and this is just for administrators, not for average users, but for administrators, I want to show you how do you give someone a password or reset a password for someone? So I'm going to show you first, giving a password, go up to lists here. And if you scroll down to employees and just click on that employees button, it will give you the list of all the employees in your Netsuite instance. So it's this alphabetical list you can go down.

So let's just go down to Alex Wolfe and you'll see there's a little edit button here. Let's just click on that hyperlink and it takes you to the record for in this case, Alex Wolfe gives all the different information, all the you need to do is scroll down to what we call the subtab bar here, this big thick blue bar. And if you go all the way down it, there's one all the way at the end here called Access. Click on that. And this is the ability to give access to a user. So you are going to want to click all of these buttons. You're not only going to want to give the person access, you want to have a notification email automatically sent to the person you want to, in this case, manually assign them a password. So you're going to have to put that password down. Obviously needs to be different than if they have a password existing. It should be different from that. And then you can click this little button here, which requires them to change their password.

I mentioned that in the previous video, which is that when they're logging on for the first time, you're giving them a temporary password and you need to make sure that they're aware of what that password is. But when they log in the next time, meaning when they actually get in, you do want them to change it so that they're responsible for whatever their new password is. So click that button. You also see down here you are setting what role are you giving them access for? In this case, Alex Wolfe is the administrator, but let's say it's the controller. You want to make sure that it's clicked and giving them access to the controller role or multiple roles if they have them. So we've set everything adequately and we hit save. It’ll give us a little button here saying that they already have access. We want to click. Yes, we're aware of that and we've now set their password and it gives you a little confirmation bar there. And again, you want to make sure that the person is now aware of the fact that they have access and what their temporary password is and they'll have to reset their password.

So let's go back to our home dashboard. Now. The next tip I want to give you is the ability to reset someone's password. So let's say someone gets locked out because they've input their password incorrectly several times. You have the ability to simply reset the password. So go over to setup and if you scroll down to users roles, there a user access reset tool and if you click that, you have the ability now to input what the address is for the person that you're trying to reset. So maybe they said, “Hey, I can't get in.” You know what their email address is. You put it there and you can either give them a password, reset, you can clear their questions, or you can simply unlock their access and their ability to use the thing, for example, if they got locked out.

All right, so that's it for resetting your login information. I'll see you in the next video.