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Logging In with Two-Factor Authentication

NetSuite Login

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Logging In with Two-Factor Authentication

In this video, we look at how to log into NetSuite using Two-Factor Authentication.

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Video Transcript

welcome back to netsuite Super training in this lesson I'm going to be showing you how you log into your netsuite account if your company has two-factor authentication set up so first off two-factor authentication is not something native to netsuite it's a general thing which basically uses multiple devices or logins to verify or authenticate that you are the proper person logging into whatever it is in this case netsuite so I'm going to be using my laptop here I also have my phone which I'm going to be using as the second authentication so let's see how we do this for two-factor Authentication okay so first off obviously I meant the login page so I'm going to be logging into my account so I'm assuming in this case that this is the first time you're logging in and you're going to hit you're kind of your first interaction with two-factor authentication when you log in the next time it will be this process but a shortening of it it'll be a little simpler on re-login so the most complicated is definitely the first time you're logging in so let's take a look at that

Okay so we've got this page that's basically telling us and email has been sent to us right this at our proper email which gives us a verification code so I have the email open here and you can see just make sure that's the correct one so let's click on that all right so six five one three oh one so let's copy that so you're going to go back to your netsuite page and you're going to copy that code into this little window and for this account that I'm logging into I'm logging in as the accounts payable analyst so whatever role you're logging into your company is set that it needs two-factor authentication and this is how you would do it you hit submit

okay good so now what it's going to do is going to tell you to use an authenticator app so this is where your phone comes in so there's a few different authenticator apps there's really two main ones there's Google Authenticator and there's a Microsoft authenticator those are the by far the most commonly used ones they're very reliable they're great authenticators you can use another one but I recommend you stick with one of those too so in this case I have Google Authenticator so I'm going to open up my phone probably can't see that well but I've got the authenticator app there at the top so I'm going to open it up and so simply all that's going on here is it's saying download one you can see it says Google Authenticator or Microsoft authenticator it points out here that there's also Oracle has its own authenticator you can absolutely use that so let's go next so it gives you this QR code right here and basically what you're doing your authenticator once you you have to download an authenticator so whether if you've got an iPhone go to your app store if you're on an Android device go to the Android App Store and you simply download in this case let's say Google Authenticator once you link it to an email it's gonna tell you okay do you want to add your first code it'll give you a page where it simply says add a code so you can maybe see that on my page here and I'm going to say add a code and it'll give you an option do you want to enter a setup key or QR code I'm going to hit QR code and it's going to log it's going to give it's going to say Can I use your camera you say yes and then you're actually just going to put it over your page and it should automatically scan that QR code and recognize and pull up a code so your authenticator app will now show you just this one code at the top and it'll give you like a little time window that's counting down so you have to make sure that you put in the code within that time so as long as that when window is still going you have that time to put in the code so you can see on my page here for netsuite

I have the window here to put in that code so I look at my phone my timer hasn't gone down quite yet so I'm putting in the code from my timer and before that timer runs out I'm going to hit next good so I've now officially uh and successfully logged in using my second Factor authentication it gives you all these additional backup codes you can certainly print that and have that as a backup in case you have problems with your two-factor authentication in the future but that's very very unlikely and um it's just a precaution so you can ignore this if you want and go on to next and you will arrive here at your home page I'm going to ignore this security questions for now uh I covered that in the other video so we're now on our netsuite homepage now every time after this again depending on your company settings but every time you log on after this if it's set to have a two-factor authentication every single time you will come to a page where it'll say plug in your your two-factor authentication at which point you go to your phone you enter or open your app for Google Authenticator the Oracle authenticator or Microsoft and it will have that netsuite code it will always have a code there with a little timer running down so you just wait until you have a nice big timer enough time to put in you'll input it into your netsuite login you put the code in you'll hit next it'll bring you to your home page it takes about 10 seconds to do for any normal login so that's it for two-factor authentication login I'll see you in the next video