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Using SuiteAnswers

In this video, we look at how to navigate and use the SuiteAnswers page for NetSuite.

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Video Transcript

Welcome back. In the last video, I covered the Netsuite Help Center. In this video, I'm going to be talking about SuiteAnswers. So let's take a look at this.

All right. Here we are in the home dashboard. Now, in the last video, I showed you how you can go straight from the help center to SuiteAnswers. But in most cases, you're going to want to just do it straight from your home dashboard. So we're just going to go to the right here. And depending on the role that you're in, your navigation bar, this blue bar at the top is going to look a little different. And you should have a support tab directly there. But if not, like in this case, we have it over here on the right. So you can see support and you'll see right here, go to SuiteAnswers.

So if we click on that, notice it opens a different page, just like with the Help Center. It's taking us to a different location. So here we are now on SuiteAnswers. This is not Netsuite, meaning it's made by Netsuite. But I can't now access a bunch of my Netsuite instance records. I'm on a different page. So we get this search bar here. So like I said in the previous video, Netsuite, SuiteAnswers is great for debugging things you want to learn about how to do a specific thing. You want to set something up, You go in here and you do a specific search.

So let's say inbound shipping is not working and we can do a search on that. And it also, as you just saw, it kind of pulls up some suggested searches. So you can definitely use that as well. If you can kind of go, why no one's talking about inbound shipping. But I don't know where to go from there. It'll give you some suggestions.

So here we are. We've done our search. We get the results on the right, and then we have actually a filter over here on the left, which I'll get into in a second. But let's click the first item we have here. Let's just open that one up print shipping method on bill of materials. So if we go to that tab, we have an article and it gives us a little scenario in terms of what is trying to handle and it gives you a step by step solution of how you would go about handling that. So that can be very helpful. Some of these articles are very long and quite detailed. And then you also have on the right, this is a little bit like the related articles kind of area or tab, and it has a bunch of other kind of categories that you can check out.

All right. So we have this answer ID. So this is a unique ID for this specific article. So especially if you're a user or you are a lesson administrator and you're trying to handle something and you go to a consultant or you go to a support terminal and say, "Hey, I need to figure out how I handle this inbound shipping." Oftentimes the consultant will refer you. They'll give you an answer ID so they'll say, "Oh, just go to SuiteAnswers and check out," and they'll give you a number. And what you do with this is super straightforward. You just go to here and you plug in that number and you search and notice it doesn't even just pull up the search. It literally takes you straight to that page. So it's a very handy way to just immediately tag on something and go directly to the answer for that. So if someone gives you an answer ID, that's a very simple way to handle that.

So let's go back to that search that we just had. We hit back. So we come to the results for this. Inbound shipping is not working. So, again, we have these results here and then the filter. So the filter, just like any filter, you're basically in a click on that type of thing that you want and you can get quite granular, you can get into the category for that type of thing. You can get into the kind of target audience that that thing, whether it's an article or a video, was made for. So let's say we just want to help topic. So we click on help topic and now suddenly notice we've got this filtered by help topic and now all of these other categories that we click on will be going through that filter. If we want to clear either that specific filter or all filters, we can click on either of these buttons here. So we clear the filter. Now we're getting everything in this case. Yes, thousands of different items coming up. So we have a lot of different options. Just like any Google page, there's, you know, you can switch, you can go to the next page. Next page, and there's tons of articles.

Now, just in terms of what types of things are we looking at, you'll see we have FAQs. Each of these has a symbol. Get help topics, the video articles. There's how to's. And you'll see these over here. So this is a how to. These are all how to use this is a help topic article. And if you see the little triangle, you'll know it's a video. So that's an easy way for you. Even if you don't want to filter something on the left, you can kind of just scan through and know, okay, I'm looking for a how to article and you'll be able to just kind of navigate more rapidly that way.

So lastly, let's go back to the homepage for SuiteAnswers. So I just did an immediate search when I came on here. But I do want to point out that you can go down, they can have a featured video. They have announcements on the right there. And then if you really want to go and kind of bone up on or get more information on a particular subject. So let's say you want to check out accounting. You can come down here and you can check out videos of all the videos. I think there's 140 videos or something. They have them categorized by like accounting, e-commerce, and you can go in and you can watch. Sometimes they have 2 to 10 videos on a particular subject. You can watch those videos. They're named very clearly similar to super training in that way. And you can get more information. And then they also just have these content categories. Again, commerce, CRM, they got human resources. Each of these has a ton of articles related to that category. So if you're really just trying to get more information about something obviously in relation to Netsuite and how to use Netsuite, you can always just kind of go into one of these and just start reading up on articles or checking out the videos. So that can be a great resource for just getting more information.

All right. That's the SuiteAnswers page. Now, one additional point I'd like to bring up is that the Help Center articles are also copied on the suite answers page, so you don't need to worry about if you're kind of. Well, which one should I go to first? Keep in mind that you can go to SuiteAnswers and still pull up the same documentation and articles that exist on the help center in SuiteAnswers so you don't need to worry about which to go to. If you're looking for something particular, you can always get a SuiteAnswers and pull up the entire gamut of videos and resources.

So that's all for SuiteAnswers. I'll see you in the next video.